Ministry of Defence (and Regional Prime Contractors)

Type of Project



Energy and Carbon Specialist

Task Delivered/Solution

Energy surveys carried out at 20 Defence sites in the UK and 10 training sites across Germany, Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands, including also the PJHQ main control centre (London) and the Defence College of Intelligence (DCI). Development of recommendations to reduce both energy consumption and carbon footprints through costed projects and organisational/operational changes. Work has helped inform good practice across the various estates and generated a combined opportunities database. Technical support on scoping study to evaluate the key drivers for Defence Estates and agreement on a Carbon Management Plan to address them. Development of a business case for the Plan so that the proposed activities provided real value for money with a report and full presentation back to the senior management team. Work led to similar energy surveys carried out for the Department of Defence in Western Australia.

Key Achievements

32 MOD sites surveyed with recommendations to reduce annual energy consumption by £1.7M (32M kWh). Project tracking tool implemented.

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